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Rev. Bill will Create an Awesome Wedding Day

Weddings are one of life’s most beautiful experiences, a coming together of two people in love and commitment that is celebrated in the presence of your dearest friends and family. If you are looking for a professional Wedding Officiant to help you create a beautiful ceremony for your special day, please contact me today. I will work with you to create a wedding ceremony that reflects your values and style and which will create a lifetime of wonderful memories for you, your family, and your guests.

All my couples who purchase a Gold Package Wedding (or above) receive a complimentary printed copy of the ceremony, hand-bound as a beautiful keepsake you’ll treasure forever.

Contact me today to schedule a no-obligation  “get to know you” meeting! Find out which package is right for you.

The “Reverend Bill Difference:”

I create one-of-a-kind wedding experiences for discerning couples that:

  • Are joyful, engaging, and meaningful
  • Take the worry, anxiety and uncertainty out of the process
  • Start with your vision, your dreams
  • Engage your friends and family
  • Create an unforgettable experience of love and support
  • Incorporate sacred poetry, scriptures, and literature from around the world
  • Draw upon sacred rituals from the world’s spiritual traditions
  • Service people of all sexual and spiritual orientations
  • Serve Chicago, Metro Chicago, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Wedding Packages

My exact fee for your wedding depends upon your location and exactly which services you need. I discuss all this at our first meeting, but here are some general guidelines:


This wedding was in a garden behind an Oak Park Illinois coffeeshop!

Silver Package, $375

  • I will meet with you in person or by Skype to discuss your wedding.
  • I will officiate your wedding using a beautiful pre-written ceremony that matches your spiritual orientation (traditional religious, spiritual but not religious, or secular/humanistic).
  • After the wedding, I will submit your signed marriage license to the County Clerk for you and send you a scan of the document for your records.

Gold Package, $600

  • I take care of all aspects of your wedding ceremony from writing the ceremony and planning the procession to submitting your Marriage License to the County Clerk’s office.

    Wedding by Rev. Bill

    Your wedding keepsake includes a beautiful WordCloud of your ceremony.

  • We will have an initial meeting to get acquainted and discuss your vision for your wedding, including your spiritual orientation, your vision for the ceremony, and any special elements you would like to include.
  • Following the initial meeting, I will write an initial draft of your ceremony for your review. Once you’ve had a chance to read through the first draft, we will meet again to discuss revisions. The revision process continues, via email and phone until your ceremony is exactly the way you want it.
  • I include Special Elements such as Sacred Stone Ceremony, Unity Candle, Handfasting, and Flower Ceremony at no additional cost to you.  (Please note; my fee does not include the cost of stones, candles, flowers, or other materials for any Special Elements)
  • We will have a final meeting by phone 2-3 weeks prior to your wedding day, to discuss the procession and other details of the ceremony.
  • On your wedding day, I will arrive at least one hour early to meet with your DJ and photographer before leading the Procession.
  • During the ceremony, I will share brief, personal remarks on your story
  • After the wedding, I will submit your signed marriage license to the County Clerk for you and send you a scan of the document for your records.
  • You receive a beautiful hand-crafted keepsake of your ceremony, including the entire text
  • A typical ceremony is 20-35 minutes in length.

Platinum Package, $725
Everything in the Gold Package plus

Weddings by Rev. Bill Epperly

Gold and Platinum packages include a hand-bound Wedding Keepsake

  • Everything in the Gold Package plus
  • I schedule individual 60 minute sessions with each of you (in person or by Skype) in which we have a relaxed conversation about you, your relationship and your hopes for married life.
  • I draft a short story of your relationship, which I share with you and your guests at the wedding, as part of a 7-10 minute sharing

Diamond Package, $1125
Everything in the Platinum Package plus

  • Everything in the Platinum Package plus 4 Couple Coaching Sessions, one hour each.
  • Choose between the Prepare/Enrichprogram and Couple-Centered Coaching that will help you identify your strengths, growing edges, and shared goals for your first year of marriage.
  • Start your marriage with clarity around your goals and skills to help you reach them!

Popular Add-Ons to Wedding Packages:

  • Rehearsal: Practicing your wedding procession is one of the best ways to work through pre-wedding jitters. You can add an on-site one hour rehearsal of your ceremony for $175 (additional fees possible if travel exceeds 75 miles, round trip)
  • Couple Counseling: add pre-marriage counseling for $100/hour. Sessions are conducted either in my office in downtown Chicago or by Skype. Sessions are $100/each and may be purchased a la carte or in packages of multiples for a discount.
  • The Prepare/Enrich Program: Enter your marriage with clarity, awareness, and new skills. Make the Prepare/Enrich process part of your wedding package. You will complete the comprehensive Prepare/Enrich assessment, which identifies your strengths and growing edges as a couple, then meet to discuss the results, learn skill-building exercises, and work together to strengthen your relationship!
    Prepare/Enrich Packages:
    Basic Program: The Prepare/Enrich Assessment plus two one-hour coaching sessions, $250. We will discuss the results of your assessment, building your awareness of your key strengths and growing edges and laying a stronger basis for a deepening relationship.
    Intermediate Program: The P/E Assessment plus four one-hour coaching sessions, $425. We will discuss the results of your assessment in detail, building your awareness of your relationship dynamics and building skills in 1-2 key areas, changing your relationship dynamics.
    Adventurer’s Program: The P/E Assessment plus six one-hour sessions, $625. We will discuss your assessment results in detail, helping you understand and respond to your relationship dynamics. In addition, you will complete 3-4 skill-building exercises, creating a strong basis for lasting growth in your relationship.
    The Total Package: The P/E Assessment plus eight one-hour sessions, $800. You’ll come away with a greatly expanded awareness of yourself, your partner, and the dynamics you create in your relationship. You’ll practice 5-6 skill-building exercises and begin implementing new behaviors in your relationship that will create a strong shift in your relationship dynamics.
    Additional one-hour sessions may be added to any of these packages for $100/each.
  • Travel: Additional fees may be charged when your location is more than 75 miles round trip, requires an overnight stay on location, or requires parking in a downtown parking garage. Please inquire.
  • Destination Wedding Packages: Let me serve as your Officiant at your destination wedding.

 I accept payments by Zelle, Chase QuickPay, PayPal and personal check.


I work with people from all religious and spiritual backgrounds, creating gorgeous weddings that reflect your values and beliefs, whether you are Christian and want a traditional ceremony or you want a ceremony that is spiritual but not religious. My specialty is creating an element of each service that makes your wedding unique. To create the perfect ceremony for you, I meet with you early on to learn all about you, your values, and your vision for the ceremony. If you would like to  have a conversation about your wedding, I hope you will contact me today.

To feel a couple’s love for each other, to witness their sacred commitment, and to celebrate their union with family and friends – this is what excites me about officiating weddings.

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